Building Behemoth: A Look at Imperial Stout Grain Bills
Part two of the Brewing Behemoth series, this post examines the grain bills of professional and award-winning RIS recipes to see if there are any common traits among them.

Building Behemoth: Reddit RIS Survey
The launch of the Brewing Behemoth series, this post takes a look at the data gathered from a RIS survey done on the /r/homebrewing forum.

They Did the Math: Formulas and Calculations for Barrel Alternatives
This post released a set of calculators used to estimate how much of a barrel you should paraffin wax, or how long you should age in a barrel. The post itself details the math involved.

Homebrew Wood Additions and Barrel Alternatives
This article takes a closer look at the barrel alternatives currently on the market and how to use them.

Toast versus Char
Ever wondered what the difference between the toast and char of wood is? Take a look at this article, which explores that concept and look at charring your own wood at home.

The Brew Bag Review
I was lucky enough to review the Brew Bag, an awesome BIAB product. I use it exclusively now in my mash tun, having ditched the filter manifold altogether.

The Big Wood Toasting Post
This post examines the varying toasts of wood, and how these toasts influence the character of your beer. It also looks at toasting your own at home.

To Trub or Not to Trub: Replicating the Great Trub ExBEERiment
The fine folks over at Brulosophy spend their time experimenting with single variables for the benefit of the community. One of their tests, whether or not trub in the fermenter makes a difference, had a big impression on me and I decided to test it myself.

Yeast Viability Over Time
I’m incredibly skeptical of common viability numbers with it comes to cell counts, and so I did some more research to see if we should trust the 20% depreciation rate number or not.

In Pursuit of Czech Pilsner: Take One
In this article, I brew my Bohemian Pilsner and test a few different yeasts to see how their character compares.

In Pursuit of Czech Pilsner: Planning Post
In this post I plan out my Czech Pilsner, explore the style, and set up my recipe for a great pilsner.

Developing a Palate for Off-Flavors
In this post, I add a bunch of common, household ingredients to my preferred macro beer in an attempt to replicate some common off-flavors and refine my palate.

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