Every now and then I have the opportunity to write content or posts for other sites. This blog mainly focuses on big beer and brewing with wood, so I always love the opportunity to explore other aspects of brewing. Check out some of my other work!

An Introduction to Barrel Aging
Posted on Homebrew Supply for their annual newsletter, the article introduces some tips and best practices to using a barrel to age your homebrew. Definitely a passion of mine, it was a lot of fun to write and review the information that is available.

Brewing Terms
In Homebrew Supply’s Infancy, I had the opportunity to publish an article that provided definitions for new homebrewers who are entering the hobby. Terminology can be one of the most difficult things to pick up, and it can limit your ability to enter a conversation, so this is one of the more “valuable” pieces I’ve been able to do.

Culturing Yeast from the Bottle/Can
Posted on Homebrew Dad before its conversion to Brew United! Great forum to post content if you don’t have your own dedicated blog.

Dry Yeast vs. Liquid Yeast
I wrote this article for Homebrew Supply before I became their article editor. The article details some of the pros and cons of dry versus liquid yeast.

Getting the Most from your Wine Kit
Posted on Homebrew Supply, this article focuses on some small tips to improve the quality of wine that can be made from wine kits.

On Judging and Organizing
This is an article I wrote fro BrewUnited after acting as a judging site coordinator for their homebrew competition. It details my experience in judging and organizing international, online competitions.

Secondary Fermentation
Secondary Fermentation is a somewhat debated topic in the homebrewing world, this article published on Homebrew Supply details my thoughts on the process.

Tips for Brewing Big Beers
Posted on HomebrewTalk, great article to research and write. Writing about something is a great way in general to learn about it.

Toasting Your Own Wood Chips
Posted on Homebrew Finds while Chris was doing some travelling!

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