1-15-2016 10-52-15 AMCurrently, the spreadsheet contains three calculators:

  • How much to paraffin wax a barrel to simulate a 53 gallon whisky barrel
  • How long to age your beer to get similar oxygen exchange as a larger barrel
  • How much of a barrel alternative you should use

The formulas and background can be found in this article. More than anything, I’d like to stress that these formulas are approximations. The best way to figure out the right numbers for the right beer is by keeping good records and dialing in your personal preferences and system.

Barrel and Barrel Alternatives Calculators

Have suggestions or questions about these? Please feel free to contact me at tobrewabeer at gmail dot com!

As with all things produced by this site, the spreadsheet is free to use and share, with the condition that it continues to be free in all forms.

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